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HSS Saw Blades and Blanks

equipment, ltd. now stocks quality high speed steel saw bodies from STARK. These saws are manufactured exclusively in Italy.

This is only a partial list of what we have in stock to offer, our inventory is growing daily. If you do not see a size listed below that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to call us. We may have it in stock but it has not been added to this page yet.

Steel Grades

HSS-DMo5 (M2) – DIN 1.3343 – JIS SKH51

HSS-Co5 (M41) – DIN 1.3243 – JIS SKH55

The saws listed below are steam treaded (black) and without teeth.

We will be glad to quote you toothing needs.

Diameter Thickness Bore Price
225mm 2,0mm 32mm $ 37.20
250mm 2,0mm 32mm $ 38.00
250mm 2,5mm 40mm $ 45.60
275mm 2,0mm 32mm $ 49.20
275mm 2,0mm 40mm $ 49.20
275mm 2,5mm 40mm $ 51.00
300mm 2,5mm 32mm $ 66.00
315mm 2,0mm 32mm $ 67.75
315mm 2,0mm 40mm $ 67.75
315mm 2,5mm 32mm $ 72.40
315mm 2,5mm 40mm $ 72.40
350mm 2,0mm 32mm $ 85.00
350mm 2,5mm 32mm $ 84.50
350mm 2,5mm 40mm $ 84.50
350mm 3,0mm 32mm $ 98.00
350mm 3,0mm 40mm $ 98.00
400mm 2,5mm 32mm $ 158.75
400mm 3,5mm 50mm $ 153.00