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HSS Saw Grinding


equipment, ltd is pleased to introduce our STARK EMC-620 4A CNC HSS saw grinder


  • For servicing and manufacturing HSS saws up to 620 mm (24″)
  • Capable of grinding triple chip saws in a single setup
  • Unique design where the saw blade moves up and down to grind the chamfers.
  • Automatic cutting angle calculation program
  • 200 mm (8″) B14F1 CBN wheel for excellent removal rates
  • Vibration free grinding due to the absorbing properties of the FCD-45 spheriod ductile iron base
  • Large file storage system capable of storing 10,000 saw configuration programs in memory
  • Heat exchange unit on electrical control cabinet
  • High pressure coolant system with magnetic separator allowing for excellent stock removal
  • FilterMist Mist Collector
  • Automatic Central Lubrication System


  • Quick set up time due to the ability to store saw blade parameters in memory
  • Very fast setup due to the machine having 2 rotary hand wheel encoders (X axis & Y axis)
  • Simple operator input allows for all saw data to be inputted in a mater of minutes
  • Safety: Due to the totally enclosed working area
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: For HSS saws from 65 mm to 620 mm (2.5″ to 24″) diameter  (35 mm – 1.375″ diameter optional)
CNC Axis: X – Grinding wheel left to right travelY – Grinding wheel infeed

Z – Saw blade vertical movement

B – Saw balde rotation

Power requirement: 220 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 30 Amps
Automatic Chamfering: from 190 mm to 620mm (7.5″ to 24″)
Operator panel : 10” TFT-LCD monitor,  Resolution 1024 x 768
Number of Teeth: from 10 to 998
Grinding wheel motor: 4Kw (5.25 HP)Wheel RPM: Adjustable from 2,000 to 6,000 rpm
Grinding Wheel: B14F1 CBN 200mm diameter x 32mm bore
Saw Blade Thickness: Up to 8mm (5/16″)
Cutting Angle: From 0° to 30°
Grinding Speed up to 60 Teeth per minute
Cooling System: 1.5Kw (2.0HP) High Pressure Coolant pump with 25w magnetis separator
Extraction: Integrated FilterMist Mist extraction unit
Dimensions: 1900mm x 1910mm x 2060mm ,  Gross Weight 1,770Kg,  Net Weight 1,290Kg